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Transforming Businesses With The Most Astonishing Collaboration Platform!

Whether you need a framework to consolidate all your business intelligence and analytics tools or a simplistic self-serve portal, we have you covered at Indian Web Services! Get direct access to the information you need and whenever you need it. Access everything from a central location and simplify the process of managing teams and data. Get the perfect framework for creating visually stunning portals that perfectly align with business branding for the internal and external users. Incorporate all the data assets and offer real-time insights to your users.


Custom Design Solutions

We work towards bridging the gap between employees, customers, systems & data through our web portal development tools! Enterprise portal development services by Indian Web Services empower your business by processing operational services along with comprehensive insights. Our framework offers improved visibility into work flows, operational activities, log-ins, configurations along with the security of your network and server elements. We enable you to provide exceptional customer service!

Aspects We Focus On

  • User interface design & improved functionality
  • End-to end portal development
  • Portal feature enhancements
  • Intelligent integration with legacy and third-party systems

Indian Web Services is among the best web development portal companies and our team is passionate about crafting enterprise portals that enable the customers to communicate with the companies through several touch-points.

Enterprise Portals Or Websites

Completely customizable and exclusive dynamic website designs.

An enterprise portal is a web based platform that stores information through various channels within a single interface. With a superior and inclusive enterprise portal in place, there is no need for your employees, customers and partners go to different pages or log in to endless portals for the exact data. Everyone can interact with the relevant content through the enterprise portal that groups the business information and applications at one place. The enterprise portals designed by our team are personalized, they provide real-time data and comprise of contextual access points.


Types of Portals IWS Make


Ecommerce Portals

The First Step To Your Ecommerce Journey.

We empower businesses to set up the finest and interactive ecommerce portal development. We provide the perfect platform for you to set up B2B or B2C ecommerce marketplaces that are customized to suit the needs of your company and your brand. Launch trade portals, auctions, multi-vendor marketplaces, bidding platforms, ecommerce aggregators and much more. We take care of every detail related to your ecommerce portal like providing secure payment options, AR/VR and AI powered ecommerce features that drive user satisfaction and business growth.

Media Portals

Get your own influential media portal up and running!

Indian Web Services offers the finest media portal development services that incorporate every crucial factor for a media website. Get customized media portals for advanced content management and distribution. Create progressive media portals that enable you to publish, discover, communicate and manage users through a centralized interface. We offer insights on digital traffic monetization, viewer engagement along with growing digital assets combined with powerful media analytics to help you plan the right move at the right time.


Hospital Management Portals

Reach out to people through your own healthcare portal.

Given the high competition in the healthcare industry, the perfect healthcare portal is what you need to stay ahead. We help you in developing the perfect healthcare portals that will help you reach out to people in an easier way. Expertise of our team is backed by a profound experience and we provide the patients with easy-to-use toolsets that enable them to stay proactive throughout their medical treatment. We focus on simplifying the patient and physician interaction to reduce the wait time and to refine the clinical and administrative operations. We design fully-functional healthcare portals that enable the new customers to find you and book appointments with you.

Travel Portal

Provide exceptional travel experiences.

We design customized travel portals that help you stay ahead of the tough competition in the travel and tourism industry. We equip your travel portal with the finest booking and billing capabilities along with visually appealing AR and VR guided tours. Feature all types of travel services like flight, hotel, train and holiday packages so that the customers can choose according to their convenience. Our team will design your travel portal exactly like you want it and with the functionalities that you have perceived. Become a trusted brand in the travel and tourism industry by having your own user-centric travel portal.


Real Estate Portal

Feature your best real estate deals with the perfect portal.

Real estate is a huge industry and if you want to set up a real estate portal you need to make sure that all the real estate information is profoundly displayed on your portal. We help you to do just that! We will work on fine tuning every part of your real estate portal so that the all the important information along with the deals and offers is displayed in a visually appealing way. We design real estate portals in a way that makes it easier for the users to navigate within the website and find what they are looking for easily. Our team takes care of everything right from the aesthetics of your real estate portal to setting up the online payment gateways and securing the portal.

Education Portal

Ride the wave of online learning.

Online learning and E-learning is the way to go! If you are in the education sector, you need to have a comprehensive educational portal that features your great ideas and helps you in connecting with your students or team members. Our team at Indian Web Services has the expertise in creating professional E-Learning websites that help you in making a difference through the power of education. We have an experience in school and university website development service that educates and simplifies the teacher-student interactions along with featuring all the crucial information. When you opt for Indian Web Services, you can be assured that your education portal website is in safe hands.


ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Facilitating A Digital Revolution!

Indian Web Services enables your business to manage the IT costs, maintain accounting efficiency, streamline procurement and order management processes. We aim at eliminating the manual complex processes along with improving employee productivity. Our ERP solutions run on the global code line enabling massive economies of scale to our customers. We simplify the powerful technology to make it more intuitive and practical for our users. ERP platform that we provide is equipped with core functionality, security and consistent user interface.

Highlights Of Our ERP Solutions

We think big and have hands in all leading technology platforms to provide you wide array of services.

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CRM – Customer Relationship Management

The finest CRM software that brings your partners and customers closer!

Your business is a part of the highly competitive corporate world! Customer relationship and collaboration are two crucial aspects for success and business growth. Indian Web Services enables you to apply progressive technology tools in customer service so that you can tap into a whole new arena of events that simplify customer relationship management.

Our team has the expertise to provide the most powerful management solutions facilitating improved relationship management. What you get is the best CRM software solutions that gear-up your business by automating and streamlining the customer relationship process.


Irrespective of the industry you are operating in – Insurance, Banking & Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, Transportation, Media or Pharmaceutical – We have just the right CRM solution for you that is easy to deploy and facilitates complete synchronization.

We have experience in crafting progressive CRM solutions to expedite the important tasks:

  • Lead Tracking
  • Contacts Management
  • RSS Syndication
  • Dashboard Chatting
  • Email Processing
  • Project Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Case Management
  • Any Other Custom Requirement
  • Vendor Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Third Party Systems Linking
  • Business Alerts & Notifications

Our team has the proficiency to work with the competing technologies like ASP.NET, C#,, ASP and PHP enabling you to take your customer relationship management process to the next level.

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