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Lightening Fast & Robust Dedicated Servers

Indian Web Services offers a diverse range of dedicated servers that are perfect for the most challenging needs of business organizations and professionals.

  • Intel Processor
  • High Performance Servers

The Best Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Deploy and effortlessly manage your dedicated server through cPanel.

  • India-Based Server
  • Intel Processors
  • No Neighboring Accounts
  • Service Level Agreement 99.95%

Why Should You Use A Bare Metal Dedicated Server By Indian Web Services?

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Bare Metal Dedicated Servers Vs. Virtual Server

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

  • This is a physical server that is dedicated to a single account. The resources of this server are not shared with any other account.
  • Get unrestricted access to the complete server and hardware at the component level.
  • A bare metal dedicated server provides you with a completely isolated server environment.
  • As you get the complete physical server for your account, it is a little costly.
  • A dedicated server is best suited for organizations that operate services and operations that demand high computing resources for execution.

Virtual Server

  • This is a physical server that is divided into several virtual servers.
  • You get access to the physical server only through hypervisor.
  • As the physical server is divided into various virtual parts, it is shared with other accounts.
  • The cost of a virtual server is comparatively lower as compared to a bare metal server.
  • Virtual servers are ideal for businesses that run many operations that need multiple users and for businesses that plan to expand their web applications in the future.

Key Features

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Why Should You Have A Dedicated Server?


Big Ecommerce Websites

The ecommerce website owners cannot afford to have a downtime as it can have a direct impact on sales. Downtime is directly loss of sales for online stores. A dedicated server ensures that your online storefront is backed with enough hosting resources and is capable to handle high traffic so that your business keeps going.

High-Traffic Websites

When your business continuously grows online, the traffic to your website increases. With continuous increasing traffic, you might outgrow the space of your shared or VPS hosting. A dedicated server provides the power and flexibility to your high traffic website to perform efficiently during the peak traffic times as well without any interruption.


Organizations With High profile Clients

A dedicated server is the perfect platform to execute your client needs and to impress a huge number of fans that visit websites of the high profile clients. Through a dedicated server, you will be able to provide a fast and trustworthy browsing experience.

Resell The Resources

It is always good to have an additional source of income, isn’t it? If you are a web developer or a web designer, you can easily create additional income through your every client by hosting their websites on your dedicated server.


Managed Dedicated server

If you need expert solution to manage your dedicated server then Indian Web Services is the best place to be. We have an expert support staff that will manage your Linux dedicated server 24/7. We guarantee the best web hosting experience at the most affordable prices.

  • Dedicated hosting server setup
  • Web server optimization
  • Linux security and hardening
  • Server performance optimization
  • Virus, malware detection and protection
  • Website and database security
  • High performance optimization
  • rDNS setup
  • Control panel installation
  • CMS and web application installation
  • Security optimization
  • Database optimization
  • Installing security patches and updates
  • Protection against server blacklisting
  • Assistance for migration
  • Support for hardware and network issues
  • Third party software installation
  • CSF firewall installation
  • Network fine-tuning
  • Kernel patch updates
  • Spam prevention
  • Malware removal
  • Re-installation of OS
  • 24/7 ticket, chat and phone support

Frequently Asked Question

Unlike the other standard hosting platforms that are shared among the other hosting accounts, a dedicated server is solely assigned to a single account. You get complete control over the server. Your hosting resources are dedicated and therefore there are no possibilities that any other account would affect the server performance. You get complete administrator access that provides complete control over the hosting environment and on the websites and applications that you are hosting. Indian Web Services provides the most robust dedicated servers that are capable of handling high traffic.

We provide cPanel control panel with all our dedicated servers. If you buy the control panel from us, our team will provide complete assistance for the installation and configuration of the control panel on your dedicated server.

RAID – Redundant Array of Independence Disk is a data storage and virtualization system that combines individual physical disk drive elements into one or more units for achieving data redundancy. RAID is the system for setting up a storage subsystem of several individual disks, for the purpose of ensuring security through performance and data redundancy.

There is continuous software consulting at the core of the software development. Aspire Technosys as a reliable Software Development Company in Jaipur knows it all. You know your business better than anyone so while we are not going to tell you what your company needs, our experienced software development experts will provide input relating to how to best create the desired software solutions. Throughout the entire custom software development process, we work as a technology consulting firm from starting to ending at a point you designate.

The process of storing RAID data is called duplication. The data is stored at atleast on two disks that offers a higher level of data security but might result in a slight reduction in the performance level as the data is captured in two disks.

Indian Web Services provides hardware RAID and offers several RAID options including RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 and RAID10. Personalized RAID solutions are also offered. For complete information, you can get in touch with our support team.

All the dedicated servers provided by Indian Web Services are housed at special locations of our data centers. You do not get physical access to the dedicated server. Only the authorized members from Indian Web Services team gets the access to the dedicated server environments.

We provide various backup options and solutions for our clients. you can get in touch with our sales team for complete information.

Yes, you can easily upgrade your hosting account from VPS to dedicated serve whenever you want. If you already hold a VPS hosting account, you can upgrade to a dedicated server whenever required.

When you sign up for a dedicated server, the set up process might take from 24 to 72 hours after the payment is received and verified. You can start using and customizing your dedicated server when you receive it and when you are provided with the control panel logins.

There is no limitation on the number of websites that you can host on a dedicated server. You can host as many websites as you want to, the only limitation is on the amount of free resources on the server.

Certainly! You can easily upgrade your server whenever required. For this, you need to contact our team through phone, email or live chat and we will take you through the upgrade process.

With every dedicated server, you get full root SSH access. This means that you get administrative privileges for controlling, managing and operating the server.

A bare metal physical dedicated server is a server with a single account environment. These servers are specifically crafted for operating web applications that need powerful computing hardware without any disturbances. A dedicated server does not share its resources with any other server or hosting account because of which you get a fully customizable and isolated hosting environment. A bare-metal serer is trustworthy, stable and efficient environment.

No, you do not have to pay any additional charges for your dedicated server setup.

A dedicated server works by providing compete hosting resources to one account. When you sign up for a dedicated server with Indian Web Services, the server is created with efficient technology and powerful hardware that is competent for managing your resource intensive web projects like web applications, websites, video streaming, databases etc.

If you need a powerful and flexible hosting environment, bare metal dedicated server is the right choice for you.

Any type of website can be hosted on a dedicated server. However, a website that has high traffic is most suitable for a dedicated server. For the websites that have less or average traffic, shared hosting and VPS hosting are better hosting solutions.

No. there will be no downtime to your website when you upgrade from VPS hosting to dedicated hosting. Dedicated servers provided by Indian Web Services can be set up in minutes unless you have any customized configurations that might need more time for the setup process to complete.

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